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devPinoys is a group of talented Filipinos here in :devart: contributing their work and art for the sake & love of ART; not to compete, but to show and prove the passion & true talent of Pinoys. Our pride is not only in ourselves but more so in our fellow artists of the Pinoy bloodline! :heart:
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! :eager:
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Dec 4, 2009


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SOPA and DeviantART…

5 things about SOPA…

Anyway it is under a new name

SOPA in Trans-Pacific Partnership…

And This message comes...

Okies guys, here's the low-down:
This petition here:… Got the required amount of signatures

It is not legitimate because it asks to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act, which is not being passed. APPARENTLY, SOPA is going under a new name, and therefore any petitions going against SOPA aren't legitimate.

BAH! HUMBUG! I say, so let's show them what we've got, THIS PETITION HERE:…

Is legitimate for white house, and needs 96,000 signatures.
Good News: We have until April 13th
BAD News: The fandoms are falling back because it is believed that SOPA has been stopped.

Let's do this guys, FOR NARNIA~~~ (and Hetalia, Sherlock, Super Natural, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokemon etc.) AND FOR FANDOMS~~~~!
*charges off to do battle*

I got on the petition site and... The signatures recquired are 100, 000 but so far, as of this minute,
only 9,646 have signed.
We need 90,354 more!
That number is scary, you guys! It really is!!!!

And the deadline is April 13....

it is really easy to sign up for an account to sign the petition~

And your signature on the petition would be terribly helpful, dear Stop SOPA like Policies…

You know...It's not bad to stop piracy if only they could narrow it down to the actual pirates.... But, that is not the case, yet... They are casting such a huge net that will cover even those who are innocent...

By :iconl-river:
Whoa, sorry about that!
I return to deviantART after being AWOL for a week, due to my preliminary exams, and I find 114 group messages, most of which are now expired. Sorry about that! I'm back now (and I'll be on vacation soon,) so I'll be able to help with gallery submissions now (and thus, expedite the process a bit.)

artlit is asking for help with a contest; the deadline is within 3 hours!

Sulat ni artlit


pahingi ng favor sumali kasi ako sa isang contest 3d printer ang premyo..Ang kelangan niyo lang gawin ay mag register at idownload yung file ng entry ko, Pagkatapos niyo mag register click niyo lang yung download tab at yung send the download link tab .check niyo yung email address ng account niyo at sundan lang ang ibinigay na link.ang isang download ay katumbas ng isang boto.Ang entry na may pinakamaraming download ang maguuwi ng 3d printer. eto yung link ng entry ko.…

Ang deadline ng botohan ay December 12, 2013 sa ating araw.Maraming salamat.
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WAZZAAA!!! Now im back and fortunately im in the PH now... so it's much better for us to organize Chillz for the Grillz!
pilandok Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
welcome back
hello my friend.
I'm little curious about this group btw,
are you accepting artwork which is "perfect"?I'm not angry that you decline 3 artworks of mine, But I just want to know that this group is not a perfectionist group. I know na proud ako na filipino ako at welcome ako dito sa group na to. but accepting a professional, a better or a best artwork one, ibang kwento na yan. 
pilandok Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
anong link ng works? pwede kasing mali ung folder kaya di sha naaccept or nagexpired which is rarely occurring kapag d kami nakakaboto. would you link your 3 works here at the reply?
ahhh. wag na lang po. ang gusto ko lang po na ayaw ko ng Perfectionists groups. no I didn't say this is a perfectionists groups. alam mo na po na may mga ganyang groups na kapag submit mo ng artwork, tapos binatikos(insulting) ung ginawa mung artwork tapos sinabihan pa na "your artwork is like trash to us" so masakit ung pananalita nila. that is why me and my friends leave maybe 5-10 groups(mine is I already leaved 6 groups) so gusto ko lang na cgurado na comfortable ako sa group na ito. that's all. :). so I am sorry for telling this out loud in your group. it's not about my artwork. and I love my works btw. all I want is this group is open to everyone. ok lang ung rule na filipinos only basta ung importante you made importance to improve newbie filipino artists without insulting. 
pilandok Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
actually we do help many pinoy, at ayaw din namin sa pangiinsulto, kasi nakakadown un ng isang artista, likewise, katulad ko, may mga ibang pinoy deviant na kinukuha ko under my wings to tutor and help regarding poetry and some proses. Ganyan ang layunin ng groups namin :D though medjo laylow ang iba ngayon, we are much approachable and warm, ^^ don't hesitate to pm me or the other staffs, at kung me manginsulto sa inyo dito, just tell me :D
(1 Reply)
Hello there, I do understand that this group isn't perfectionist; it really isn't the goal -- the goal is to accommodate every Filipino artist, regardless of artistic level/ability/style. :) While we are not perfectionist, I PERSONALLY don't think it's unfair to encourage that the submissions are at least some of the artists' best work, 'wag masyadong yung sobrang nagsubmit para lang may masubmit.

But really, among all the gallery moderators of devPinoys, I think I have the lowest standards; I only decline kung miscat, and even then, sometimes I personally resubmit the item if I have free time -- And I always TELL the person that the submission was placed in the wrong folder. Kung madali lang sana magmove ng submissions from one folder to another, kaso nga lang, I can't really do it from the submission page; I have to manually find the file in the folder.

I cannot find WHEN your submissions were denied, but are you sure it's not because your submission was marked as expired? Actually, may midterms ako this week, but because I've been AWOL from dA sometimes, naglologin pa rin ako just to make sure wala na masyadong "expired" submissions. 

For the record, this is the most recent submission you've made that is visible to me in the queue; 
puu. sh/ 6Kj8j.png
Kitang-kita mo na accepted 'yan. 

It's possible I may have misunderstood your comment, because I'm down with a ear + respiratory infection that actually -bothers- me/my thinking, but yes, devPinoys does not limit its submissions to a specific niche/skill set -- and I am sorry if ever you felt that way! The Featured category, however, does take 3 accept votes, and generally has a higher standard than the rest of the gallery. I hope this clears things up; pasensya na kung medyo bastos ang tono ko.
ahhh. ok lang yan. bastah hindi kayo katulad sa isang groupo(para sa seguridad, di ko na lang bangitin), bastos yung commento sa isang user, hindi ka daw sasali kung hindi ka propessional, at gusto nila na BEST OF THE BEST daw. So one of my mentors avoiding this kinds of groups try(and he already did) to leave this group including me and 16 the rest of my friends in DA.not just this group, we also already left 5-7 groups already last week until today. so we avoid groups who are perfectionists. No I didn't judge that this group is a perfectionists group, gusto ko lang na wag kayo makatulad sa ibang perfectionistas, kasi baka akala sa mga newbie artists(and that includes filipino newbie artists) na professional sila pero sa totoo hindi. kung tunay ka na professional, dapat may respeto ka sa ginagawa ng obra ng ibang artists. but since I jump to conclusion to comment this, since I have read that you have a respiratory infection, then I am sorry. I don't want to hurt people really. All I want is people who join this group should be comfortable to stay here and that includes me. So, I'll think of it as my home town. so thank you for the comment and god bless.
Good day,

We just want to inform you that this is not a perfectionist group and we don't look at the quality of artwork being submitted. If your deviation gets declined, then it's only 1 thing: you submitted in the wrong folder (nothing more). It's already quite a hassle to move misplaced deviations that's why we just decline it, saves us a lot of time. And if I'm not mistaken, same rule applies to other groups.
I know. just trying to avoid perfectionists groups. and I didn't even judge that this is a perfectionists groups. kaya pasensya na kung na comment ko to. all I want is this group will make me comfortable. nothing more, nothing less.
moonlight-fox Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My submission keeps on expiring *sob* :(
LenArc Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That's because I'm slacking off! lol

Re-submit again. XD
moonlight-fox Jan 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
LOL I would like to thank everyone the arts finally got accepted and maybe I'll submit more in the future xD

I guess everyone got busy with stuff xD
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